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App and back-end development with modern technology, low development and operating costs to efficiently achieve your goals


Flutter from Google as the most modern cross-platform technology enables an authentic user experience with excellent performance. Everyone benefits from low development costs, low complexity with easy maintenance. Integration of hardware via Bluetooth is a matter of course.


For digital health applications, we use dockerized backend services running within Kubernetes clusters. We run the clusters on infrastructure of European service providers, so that the specifications of the BfArM are met.
When we work in the non-regulated area, we like to rely on AWS and Firebase.


We accompany you from the requirements analysis of your individual project to the final release. We support the regulatory requirements for digital health applications with our experience from various application processes.


After the release, we ensure frictionless operation. We monitor the components involved, intervene if necessary and maintain the overall solution regularly so that the value is sustained.


We offer a comprehensive due diligence audit service for software solutions in the medical field. One example is assessing whether your software meets the regulatory requirements of DiGA or DiPA and whether it is likely to be approved by BfArM. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough review of your software to identify potential issues or areas for improvement, and provide detailed feedback and recommendations to ensure compliance.


Our team offers workshops on DiGA / DiPA-readyness, Terraform, Kubernetes, Flutter, Docker and Keycloak. Attendees gain hands-on experience and learn how to use these technologies effectively. At DiGA / DiPA-readyness we check together with you whether your application meets all requirements. Terraform covers infrastructure as code and cloud infrastructure management. Kubernetes teaches container orchestration and deployment of containerized applications. Flutter demonstrates the development of performant mobile applications using the UI toolkitfrom Google. Docker covers containerization and the creation and execution of containerized applications. Keycloak covers identity and access management for secure application development.


We provide comprehensive penetration testing that helps organizations identify and address potential vulnerabilities in their digital systems. Our team of experienced engineers uses the latest tools and techniques to simulate real-world cyberattacks and provide actionable insights to improve your security posture. Our testing methodology covers all aspects of your digital infrastructure, including network security, web applications, mobile applications, and cloud environments. We produce detailed reports on vulnerabilities, possible impacts, and recommended corrective actions to ensure your organization is protected from cyber threats. 


Digital Health Applications (DiGAs) developed by us


Deyan7 is a passionate service provider for the development of cross-platform apps and dockerized backends for digital medicine. The focus is especially on digital health applications (DiGAs). We offer efficient approach through small, well-coordinated development teams. We use technical innovation to enable clients to achieve project goals without compromise or commitment. We readily share our domain knowledge from developing various digital health applications in the development process. This also applies in particular to the regulatory requirements for DiGAs.

Our team currently consists of three permanent partners in cooperation with additional experts.

Marius Jeskulke


Marius has more than 16 years of experience in professional development of individual software solutions. He is a graduate of RWTH Aachen University. He looks back on positions as CTO and Head of Requirements Engineering at various service providers.

Most recently, he was Vice President Sales & Operations at a Cologne-based service provider specializing in IoT projects with 150 software engineers, which was 100% acquired by the Vodafone Group in 2019.

In the course of his career he has worked with the most demanding world market leaders.

Torben Kreuder

Torben brings nearly two decades of professional experience in software development and holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen. He has expertise inmobile, web and backend development across diverse languages and frameworks.

He co-developed iOS banking apps for two (inter)national banks.

At the same Cologne-based service provider as Marius, he was, among other things, Project Manager for two of the most important customers and Technical Solution Architect.



Torben Kreuder
Marc Rödder

Marc is a graduate computer scientist who, after a short excursion into research (Fraunhofer IAIS), laid the foundation for the complete app development department at one of Germany's largest news portals. His responsibilities as team leader with disciplinary responsibility included native iOS and Android apps as well as in-house developed backends that push news faster than the competition to an audience of millions.

During his time in IoT development together with Marius and Torben, he placed himself as lead developer in many challenging projects, for example for a renowned and world-wide known German camera manufacturer.

Marc has been a full-blooded developer for two decades. He is an advocate of clean code/architecture, good architecture patterns, automation in QA and well-versed in various backend, frontend and cloud technologies.


How does a project run with us as a service provider?


We ask questions, listen to you and analyse your goals. We are happy to use your existing briefing documents as a basis.


We formulate their goals as easy-to-understand acceptance criteria that form the basis for our offering and for future development.


You receive a binding offer for the achievement of your goals. We take the uncertainty of the development off your hands.


We start the development and consult with you regularly during the process to evaluate progress at an early stage and clarify any issues.

Why Deyan7

Six reasons to shape the future with us as your service provider


We focus on flutter and dockerized backends to maximize efficiency and pass these benefits on to our customers.


Our experience from various digital health applications accelerates and simplifies the development of new health applications.


For all our love of technology, we are convinced that it is only a means to an end. The end is creating value for our customers' customers.


We love the challenge of achieving a goal as efficiently as possible. That's why we use state-of-the-art technology with minimal development and operating costs. We are happy to share the resulting cost advantages with our customers.


We support you with more than 50 years of combined experience as a service provider for the most demanding world market leaders.


We are passionate about service and want to create long lasting mutually beneficial customer relationships that can be relied upon.


Get in contact with us now!

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