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Medipee Uroli DiGA App

With Uroli, Medipee GmbH is developing a medical product for automated and contact-free urine analysis. The device can be attached to toilets by means of a simple manufacturer-independent attachment.

Sampling, analysis, disposal, evaluation and documentation of the analysis result are fully automatic and contactless. Different analyses can be carried out with different cartridges depending on the patient and the necessity.

In this way, patients with urinary stones who want to prevent a recurrence of the disease by changing their lifestyle can continuously check their condition and detect possible problems at an early stage. In care, the adequate supply of fluids can be ensured in an uncomplicated manner.

The analysis and sharing of results with doctors is done by app.


What happens in the engine room of the Uroli app?

The Uroli app is an app for iOS and Android. We use Flutter as app technology, so we don't have to develop the app multiple times for each operating system.

The communication between the urinalysis device and the app is done via Bluetooth Low Energy. The analysis is completely controlled by the app. The analysis also takes place in the app.

In analysis alone, 32 automated tests ensure that we perform the process correctly and calculate the values accurately. In total, there are over 200 automated test cases. This is important not only for the quality of the product, but also for approval as a medical device.

If the Uroli device is not available at the moment, the manual input of analysis results is also possible. Users can document drinking and urination via a micturition diary.

From an approval perspective, the app is part of the medical device and is therefore subject to the same strict requirements.

Medipee Uroli DiGA App


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