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Penetration Testing

Is your organization concerned about potential cybersecurity threats and possible vulnerabilities in your digital systems? Our team at Deyan7 offers comprehensive penetration testing to help you identify and eliminate these risks.

Our experienced experts use the latest tools and techniques to simulate real-world cyberattacks on all aspects of your digital infrastructure, including network security, web applications, mobile applications, and cloud environments. We follow BSI and OWASP guidelines to ensure our testing methodology is comprehensive and qualified.

Our penetration testing services include

An in-depth assessment of your organization's digital infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities

Simulating real-world cyberattacks to test the effectiveness of your current security measures

A detailed report identifying all identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and recommended remediation strategies


Ongoing support to implement our recommended remediation strategies and improve your security posture.

We evaluate the data obtained from the pentest, suggest options for mitigation and, of course, are available to implement the required hardenings.

After acute vulnerabilities have been eliminated, it is important to maintain this state in the future. Therefore, we mainly rely on reproducible and automatable processes, which are recurrently executed and promptly draw attention to possible vulnerabilities.

In addition to manual analysis, we use a whole range of automated vulnerability scanners. These range from static code analysis in the SAST area to black-box vulnerability scans (DAST) and automatic analysis of all third-party libraries used. In the process, the software libraries used are checked against international vulnerability databases (e.g. NIST NVD).

With our comprehensive penetration testing, you can have peace of mind that your organization's digital systems are protected from potential cyber threats. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure.


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