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A production with technology by Deyan7.

The dog is man's best friend. 12 million of these four-legged friends live in German households.
And of course we want them to be happy.

Walks, petting and throwing balls are important. But dogs are only happy if they are also mentally challenged, solve tasks and learn something. This requires ideas and the right guidance.

That's where Cleverdogs comes in. The app makes it easy for dog owners to keep their dogs busy. From brain jogging to photo poses to helper tricks: depending on your mood and experience level, you can choose from different topics. Short videos whet the appetite for new exercises, simple step-by-step instructions show how it's done and tips help when things get stuck. The favorite exercises simply go on the Merkliste and with the Reminder the trick training becomes an everyday routine.

Just 5 minutes a day will provide many positive moments, a closer friendship and a clever as well as balanced dog.



What happens in the engine room of the Cleverdogs app?

Cleverdogs is an app for iOS and Android. We use Flutter as the app technology, so we didn't have to develop the app multiple times for each operating system. We use the same code for iOS and Android. This allowed us to develop the app efficiently and cost-effectively. We can easily make future changes. Also, we always see the same behavior in both app versions.

171 automated tests ensure that the quality of the app is always guaranteed. This also allows us to make changes easily and efficiently in the future.

The app has a seamlessly integrated store with in-app purchases with a completely native user experience and enables marketing efforts using voucher codes.

Via push messages, users can be reminded of their daily training at the personally appropriate time. In addition, they can be addressed in their entirety, behaviorally in groups or individually.

A simple Web interface allows the creation of push campaigns. Technically, Firebase Messaging is used for this.

All views are accessible and linkable via deeplinking, so campaigns can link to specific app pages.

Exercises are demonstrated in the app via video in a seamlessly integrated video player. The videos are delivered via Firebase Hosting's Content Delivery Network for high availability and speeds.

Firebase Analytics provides the necessary information to address users individually and to analyze app usage. This allows us to increase retention and ultimately revenue and profit.

To be able to optimally analyze Facebook campaigns to promote the app, we have integrated the Facebook SDK.


We designed the app for multilingualism - initially for German and English.

A integration with Instagram plays daily updates of curated social content into the app and invites interaction.

Thanks to a Content Management System, authorized persons can change content of the app without technical knowledge. This also applies to translations, button and menu texts as well as legally important content such as imprint and terms and conditions.

The texts are already available offline directly after installation of the app, so that we can comply with all legal requirements. The content of the content management system is kept in sync with the app via Firestore. The editor can also use rich content such as images and links.


Deyan7 App und Backend Development 

Cleverdogs GmbH Customer

Svenja Eggers Conception

Benedikt Bockshecker Illustration

Florian Schommer Illustration

Burkhard Müller Creative Direction

Philipp York Martin Interface Design

Melanie Stirner Animation


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